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We are Polish, family company with 18 years of tradition. Our headquarter is located in Jasło, at the foot of the Low Beskid. From the beginning of our activity, we produce professional massage tables. Specialized products, the highest quality materials, refined design and a constant presence in the massage world allowed us to become the leader on domestic market and to gain recognition among foreign customers. Read more


  • For quite a long time we have been the users of the massage tables made by Habys company in Jasło. The construction of the tables gives us (coaches and sportsmen) the guarantee of comfort and safety. Adjustable height of the table, the way the tables fold up and their weight assure comfortable maintenance of this equipment. The tables have proved their excellence during sport games and trainings.

    Christoph Busch

    Dariusz Michalczewski's "The Tiger" inseparable friend, masseur and physiotherapist

  • I have been using the Habys massage tables for several years. Our students use these tables during their studies, occupational practice and when working with patients at the therapy rooms, at the patient’s home or at the company. Stability and variety of the tables allow for using them not only as the massage tables but as the tables for full relaxation processes as well.
    Our favourite table is SDMW “Medmal”, the ideal table for the Integrating Massage Bodywork. During the dynamic massage this table provides safety and stability for the patient positioned on his side

    Piotr Szczotka

    Massage School "Bodywork"

  • I will be original and I will not talk about the massage tables because, as I can see, everybody knows them very well. I would like to express my gratitude to Habys company for their nice, quick and very professional service. I wish other companies took Habys as their example.

    Piotr Rostowski

    The masseur and the author of the internet service