Thanks to the innovative X Lock system, Smart aluminum table has an outstanding stability and resistance. The Fast Lock system makes the height adjustment fast and easy.

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Comfort face hole with plug 48,00 €

Convenient Comfort face hole constitutes a supplement or an alternative for a face rest. It enables the Client to adopt a comfortable position during massage, and a mobile masseur to reduce the weight of the entire set by the weight of the headrest, namely by about 0.5 kg. Comfort face hole includes easy to assemble, comfortable face pillow.

City Carry Case 104,00 €

Modern, comfortable, functional and resistant carry case in graphite-pistachio colouring. Made of material resistant to folds and dirt, perfectly secures the table against damaging during transport and storage. More

Standard Carry Case 58,00 €

Comfortable carry case made of resistant material, prevents damaging the table during transport and storage. The carry case has a capacious pocket, shoulder strap, convenient handle facilitating transport, stiffened bottom and reinforced feet enhancing strength and resistance to dirt. More

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Smart package

Smart package

Thanks to the innovative X Lock system, Smart aluminum table has an outstanding stability and resistance. The Fast Lock system makes the height adjustment fast and easy.

Data sheet

  • Length without face rest / with face rest 184 cm / 214 cm
  • Table width 70 cm
  • Height adjusted in intervals 61 - 82 cm
  • Dimensions after folding 92x70x22 cm
  • Weight without the equipment (+/- 1kg) 13.5
  • Dynamic resistance* 450 kg
  • Static resistance** 1400 kg
  • Legs construction aluminium

Aluminum frame is extremely strong and durable thanks to the cross reinforcement and coated steel cables with fasteners.

Smart is the most stable model in the category of two-legged tables and it’s really versatile – it is perfect for both relaxing massages and manual therapies.

The package includes:

Main features:

  • exceptional stability thanks to the innovative X Lock system,
  • Fast Lock mechanism for quick and easy height adjustment,
  • integrated, solid hinges ensure the stability of the tabletop,
  • semi-circular leg construction provide with maximum stability,
  • aesthetically rounded corners of tabletop for work ergonomics,
  • easy access from every side of the table.

Are you interested in this table with the heated tabletop? Ask our advisors for details.

Worth to know! When the table is unfolded, the middle part of the table top is slightly raised upwards. This is a natural feature of the table, which allows to distribute better the resulting tension when its loaded.
Holes for armrests and comfort shelf are made when the table is ordered with listed accessories. The reason for not having all the holes for equipment that will not be used in the future is to take care of the aesthetics of the table. If you would like to customize the table for mounting of optional equipment please contact us.


Comfort 5 cm


  • 2 layers of highly flexible foams,
  • special comfortable composition,
  • total thickness of 5 cm,
  • additional option.




  • high-quality, resistant aluminium,
  • protection by means of a durable powder lacquer,
  • homogenous, precisely welded construction,
  • high aesthetics of finishing,
  • resistance to contact with the ground and moisture.

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