Aero Plus package - Vinyl Flex 12

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Aero Plus is an aluminum table of ultralight construction, compact dimensions and easy adjustment, created for the most mobile masseurs.

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Disposable Face Rest Covers 12,00 €

HABYS Disposable non-woven covers are made of high quality fabric with reinforced cross structure and weights of 40-60 g/m² . Unlike covers available in the market, HABYS covers have higher quality and durability. The fabric is thicker, less prone to tearing and protects upholstery from eg. make up. The use of disposable cover allows the provision of: health, comfort, and upholstery protection.

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Aero Plus package - Vinyl Flex 12

Aero Plus package - Vinyl Flex 12

Aero Plus is an aluminum table of ultralight construction, compact dimensions and easy adjustment, created for the most mobile masseurs.

Data sheet

  • Length of the segments (from left) 70 / 14 - 84 cm
  • Length without face rest / with face rest 168 cm / 198 cm
  • Table width 60 cm
  • Height adjusted in intervals from 52 cm to 81 cm every 3,2 cm (10 positions)
  • Dimensions after folding 84x60x14 cm
  • Tilting of the backrest 0 - 55 degrees
  • Weight without the equipment (+/- 1kg) 12.0 kg
  • Dynamic resistance* 350 kg
  • Static resistance** 1400 kg
  • Legs construction aluminium

The table has an additional liftable third segment of the table top and is perfectly suitable for cosmetic treatments, reflexology and other massage treatments which require lifting of the chosen body part of the patient. Aero Plus is convenient during transport and perfect for air travels.

The package includes:

The table is distinguished by:

  • additional possibility of positioning the segment of the table top,
  • ultralight and resistant aluminum construction,
  • modern leg construction of a round section,
  • 5-years warranty for the construction,
  • quick and convenient height adjustment by means of snap fasteners,
  • additional marking for quick adjustment,
  • simple construction facilitating folding and unfolding of the table with lightning speed,
  • aesthetically rounded corners of the table top,
  • legs markings for height adjustment.

Worth to know! When the table is unfolded, the middle part of the table top is slightly raised upwards. Once loaded, the table top is automatically straightened. This is a natural construction feature of the table providing maximum strength.


Comfort 4 cm Foam


  • 2 layers of highly flexible foams
  • special comfortable composition
  • total thickness of 4 cm
  • additional option




  • high-quality, resistant aluminium,
  • raised crosswise battens reinforcing the frames of the table tops,
  • protection by means of a durable powder lacquer,
  • homogenous, precisely welded construction,
  • high aesthetics of finishing,
  • resistance to contact with the ground and moisture.

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