22 Pcs Stone Set

22 Pcs Stone Set View larger

A set includes 22 stones stored in a resistant box made of natural bamboo.

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Professional Heater 6 liter 107,00 €

This professional 6 litre stone heating unit maintains a constant, even temperature so your massage stones are always ready to use. This is an ideal unit for both hot stone massage and warm stone massage.  Dedicated to sets of 22 and 45 stones.

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22 Pcs Stone Set

22 Pcs Stone Set

A set includes 22 stones stored in a resistant box made of natural bamboo.

quantity / type of stones application suggestion
8 flat, large stones 7,7 x 5,7 x 2,7 cm 4 for back
4 for thighs
8 flat, medium stones 6,7 x 4,7 x 1,7 cm 4 for arms
4 for calves
4 flat, small stones 3,8 x 2,8 x 1,7 cm 2 for forehead
2 for head
2 cylindrically shaped stones 8,0 x 2,8 x 1,8 cm for eyes

Perfect quality of the Stones and their exceptional properties are the result of using selected basalt, unique polishing technology and rigorous control of the production process.

The second generation heaters equipped with electronic programmer constitute a complement of the stone set. All the products are covered by a 2 – year warranty of HABYS, ensuring reliability, safety and satisfaction from their usage.

The hot basalt stone massage therapy provides exceptional sensations and therapeutic advantages. The therapy constitutes a particular type of combination with the nature, and the therapeutic effect of the stones has already been used hundreds of years ago at the Far East.


  • pain in the muscles, back pain,
  • stress, states of psychophysical tiredness,
  • problems with blood and lymph circulation.


  • the therapy has a calming and relaxing effect,
  • alleviates the stress symptoms,
  • improves skin elasticity and firmness,
  • helps to fight cellulite,
  • improves blood and lymph circulation,
  • facilitates washing out toxin concentration.

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