Habys Optima X3 is a 3-section massage and therapy table.

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Foot remote control of height - EHA 115,00 €

Comfortable, without the necessity to absorb hands. High quality remote control of increased resistance is dedicated to working in intensive conditions.

Stabilisation horns - B3 134,00 €

A set of 3 stabilising fixation horns, in the colour of the table upholstery. They enable stabilisation in the shoulder and pelvic area. Assembled by means of inserting in special mounting holes.

Armrests with manual adjustment - AR 120,00 €

Ergonomic, adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble, allow for adopting a comfortable position. Stainless steel on the guides emphasises the design and maintains unique resistance.

Paper roll holder - PRH 25,00 €

Easy to operate, fastened by means of snap fasteners, for the paper roll of the width up to 60 cm. Necessary and functional table accessory.

Plug for Face hole Long - PFHL 17,00 €

Plug for Ergo face hole.

Face hole Lux - FHL 29,00 €

Ensures maximum comfort of the massaged person. Ergonomic pillow with foam of specially selected hardness perfectly adapts to the face.

Plug for Face hole Lux - PFHLX 19,00 €

Dedicated to Face hole Lux.

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Optima X3

Optima X3

Habys Optima X3 is a 3-section massage and therapy table.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions (length x width) 192,5x60÷70
  • Length of the headrest 41,5 cm
  • Length of the middle section 40 cm
  • Length of the back section 108,5 cm
  • Height 47-97 cm
  • Tilting of the headrest from -55° to +50°
  • Tilting of the middle section +22°
  • Weight 77
  • Max load allowed 170 kg
  • Power 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Nominal power 160 W
  • Tilting of the foot section +70°

Standard specification:

  • advanced, two-position adjustable table top,
  • electric adjustment of the middle and foot section with a hand–operated remote control,
  • electric height adjustment with a hand remote control,
  • positioning of the headrest with a gas spring,
  • headrest with comfortable Long face hole,
  • certified, resistant 40mm foam,
  • 2 practical, 111 cm long under-the-top handles,
  • castors for easy transport.

Optima X3 optional accessories:

  • ergonomic armrests,
  • foot remote control,
  • stabilisation horns,
  • plug for the face hole,
  • paper roll holder.

HABYS Optima is a collection of stationary massage and therapy tables, distinguished by a combination of attractive price and quality.

Dimensions and possibilities of positioning the segments of the table top:


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  • 2 layers of highly flexible foams,
  • total thickness of 4 cm.




  • high-quality, resistant steel,
  • protection by means of a durable powder lacquer,
  • homogenous, precisely welded construction,
  • resistance to contact with the ground and moisture.

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