Habys Optima V2 is a 2-section massage and therapy table.

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Foot remote control of height - EHA 115,00 €

Comfortable, without the necessity to absorb hands. High quality remote control of increased resistance is dedicated to working in intensive conditions.

Armrests with manual adjustment - AR 120,00 €

Ergonomic, adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble, allow for adopting a comfortable position. Stainless steel on the guides emphasises the design and maintains unique resistance.

Paper roll holder - PRH 25,00 €

Easy to operate, fastened by means of snap fasteners, for the paper roll of the width up to 60 cm. Necessary and functional table accessory.

Plug for Face hole Ergo - PFHE 17,00 €

Plug for Ergo face hole.

Face hole Lux - FHL 29,00 €

Ensures maximum comfort of the massaged person. Ergonomic pillow with foam of specially selected hardness perfectly adapts to the face.

Plug for Face hole Lux - PFHLX 19,00 €

Dedicated to Face hole Lux.

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Optima V2

Optima V2

Habys Optima V2 is a 2-section massage and therapy table.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions (length x width) 192,5x60÷70
  • Length of the headrest 41,5 cm
  • Length of the back section 151 cm
  • Height 47-97 cm
  • Tilting of the headrest from -50° to +40°
  • Weight 58 kg
  • Max load allowed 170 kg
  • Power 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Nominal power 160 W

Standard specification:

  • electric height adjustment with a hand remote control,
  • positioning of the headrest with a gas spring,
  • headrest with comfortable Ergo face hole,
  • certified, resistant 40mm foam,
  • 2 practical, 111 cm long under-the-top handles,
  • castors for easy transport.

Optima V2 optional accessories:

  • ergonomic armrests,
  • foot remote control,
  • plug for the face hole,
  • paper roll holder.

HABYS Optima is a collection of stationary massage and therapy tables, distinguished by a combination of attractive price and quality.

Dimensions and possibilities of positioning the segments of the table top:


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  • 2 layers of highly flexible foams,
  • total thickness of 4 cm.




  • high-quality, resistant steel,
  • protection by means of a durable powder lacquer,
  • homogenous, precisely welded construction,
  • resistance to contact with the ground and moisture.

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